Hagra J Tembo Says Dj Showstar is Unprofessional With his Interviews.

Hagra J Tembo Says Dj Showstar is Unprofessional With his Interviews.

Hagra J Tembo Says Dj Showstar is Unprofessional With his Interviews.

This Follows after Dope Boys member Rock G told Deejay Showstar in a Live interview that his not being realistic Ati Ninshi Takwetefye amano . After Showstar persistently tried to bring out the issue where Dope Boys released a video which hit the social Medea some few months ago one of Dope Boys. Check out the video Bellow

Now here is what Hagra J Tembo had to say


I am not a fan of Deejay Showstar but I have tried to watch some of his interviews with Zambian artists and I am more than convinced that he is someone who really needs to be tamed for what he does… Particulary I have watched 3 video clips which are a clear indication that he is a faught finder person, trying to look down on Zambian artists based on their weaknesses… 
The first Video I watched of him w as the Interview he had with MACKY 2 were he was questioning him about the child MACKY 2 has with Haatinga… This guy went as far as even commenting that MACKY 2s child resembles Muziziba Alphonso (Haatinga’s ex). That made MACKY to even leave the interview room. The most interesting thing is that whenever an artist decides to leave the room, the camera men/women go as far as capturing them leaving up-to to the car park… They did that to Macky 2.

The Second video was that of Richy Bizzy were he was been interviewed about the MUTOBE Ilibwe Song. He (SHOWSTAR) was asking Richu Bizzy why he performs the MUTOBE Ilibwe Song when it’s a song done by Kaddafi. SHOWSTAR is very much aware that Richy Bizzy did the chorus in that song and is definitely aware that, that gives him rights to perform the song when popular demands take shape. But he went on to accuse Richy bizzy of not having such rights etc… Prior to that interview, he had a another interview with Kaddafi and he kept on quoting Kaddafi and asking Bizzy about who is who in the song…

3. THE THIRD INTEVIEW is the video trending on social media were he is asking certain artists (I don’t know their names) about the claiming to be famous based on their past video. In the video the artist did respond very well by saying you cannot base your argument on the past video, that is in the past unless tanwakwata amano. That made him (SHOWSTAR) to get angry and chased the guy out of that Kah studio of theirs. And even on that, the camera men went as far as capturing that artist…

Now we have to ask ourselves, what is really the intentions of this guy in interviewing these artists? Is it to help them or to make himself famous that he can ask any artist whatever he wish? Why is that he only asks on negative issues of certain artists? Is that his mission or what?
In my opinion, this guy needs to be tamed as fast as possible… He is not a peace marker. So far I can conclude that he has contributed to the sour relations between MACKY 2 and Muziziba and also between Richy Bizzy and Kaddafi… So artists need to be very conscious with this guy… He thinks he is a man enough to ask anyone anything in front of the camera and even go as far as posting the video on social media. He is a very very unprofessional person that should be avoided at all costs by out artists. It takes ages to be someone in Zambia and these guy can just use one interview to bring you down. BEWARE.