ZMTs New: K 5 000 Offered To Muzo By Mr Mindset Stanley Malama


ZMTs New: K 5 000 Offered To Muzo By Mr Mindset Stanley Malama

Lusaka Bases Business Man Mr Staneley Malama aka Mr Mindset  has offered K 5 000 to cover studio expenses Provided Muzo Aka Alphonso Move to Lusaka for a new Life. its Not explained whether Mr Mindset will provide Muzo Aka Alphonso A place To Stay if he Decides to Move to Lusaka on Not bu Below is what he had to Say About Muzo.

” I Stanley Malama popularly known as Mr Mindset am so touched by what is happening to our supper talented Artist by the Name of MUZO. I Therefore offer him K 5 000 for studio bills once he comes to Lusaka for his new life.

I wish you all the best my brother for it is not normal for us to let your talent die while we have means to help you out in a little way.

My line 0977292200

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In another story Mubita C. Nawa offers Muzo a home

He writes………
Dear Muzo (Alphonso)

If you can read this let me know. My name is Mubita C. Nawa. I am a simple boy from Chelstone. I know what you are feeling. I know what you are going through. I may not know everything but I have an idea. Come to Lusaka we work things out. I will come get you just call me. We know our friends in our down moments. I want to be that friend if you let me. We shall seek help together one day at a time. Whatever help we need.

To be famous is nothing. To be purposeful and driven is more important. To be human is everything. I have a vehicle ready to pick you. I am sorry that you have been treated badly at times. I am sorry you have treated yourself badly too at times. The past is nothing. Our collective future is everything. I may not have a lot but I have a home for you to stay.

Your brother, Nawa